The weather is beginning to cool off and Manzanita is a good option

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The weather is beginning to cool off and Manzanita is a good option during September for bent rods and feisty trout. Midges and small mayfly nymphs are the ticket this time of year. Zach's Damsleech or ZT's Zach Attack on a floating line are still killer. You can strip Wooly and Crystal Buggers as there are a lot of Dragonfly nymphs as well. If a mayfly hatch is happening you should jump on it with a the appropriate sized Adams. A black Leech fished in the deepest spots will entice Mr. Brown to come visit.

Pay attention to the special regulations here, especially where you can and can't fish. Barbless hooks, artificial lures, catch and release. Make sure you inquire at the park entrance.

Hot Flies: 
Dry Flies:
Harrop's Last Chance - #16-20, Adams - #14-18, Mayfly Cripple - #18, Last Chance Cripple - Callibaetis or Baetis, Mercer's Missing Link - #14-16, Mercer's Parachute Profile Spinner

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Zack's Attack Damsel, Burk's Sierra Damsel, Black A.P. - #14-16, Hogan's S&M - Olive #16-18, Beaded Zebra Midge - Black #18-20, Mercer's Gidgets

Streamers & Leeches:
Beaded Micro Bugger - Black, Zonkers - #4, Beaded Micro Buggers - Any


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