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The Truckee has been fishing great with the bigger fish in the river starting to really show over the last few weeks, in particular, along the sections from Hirschdale Road and down. Streamer fishing has been getting better and better and we are forecasting some of the best conditions for this method that we’ve seen in decades.

With the bright and sunny days that we have been seeing as of late, the smaller baitfish and crawdad patterns have been working best, and not until water temps cool off a bit more or we see a series of overcast days do we expect the big nasties to really start producing with great consistency. The nymph fishing remains good as well, and both indicator and tight line techniques have produced close to equally.

With the colder water temps, the fish are being found in a variety of water types right now, everything from medium speed riffles all the way to slower eddies and pools. Indicators will be best suited for these slower, deeper or longer runs, while using the euro stick will work best when trying to pick apart pocket water or sink a nymph into an undercut of a boulder.

We are seeing a lot of activity from nocturnal stones this year, and due to this, the large brown or black stonefly imitations in a size 4 or 6 have been very effective as of late.

The other large fall bugs of note will be crawdads and October caddis. While the October caddis are just beginning pupation and are still a couple of weeks out from really being on the menu, the crawdads have been fishing well recently and should be considered when streamer fishing, used as an anchor when tightline-nymphing, or dead drifted under an indicator. While you may not get a lot of fish on these imitations, odds are there will be a few big ones in the mix. The smaller offerings are of as equal importance right now and when nymphing, the bigger attractor nymphs should be paired with size 16-18 BWO’s, size 16-18 caddis pupa, size 14-16 PMD’s, or size 18 midges to up your odds.

If you would like to go fishing with us please check out our website Trout Creek or call (530) 563-5119.

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