The fishing at Pyramid seemed to improve this week with the overcast, stormy days

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The fishing at Pyramid seemed to improve this week with the overcast, stormy days. While it still isn’t as good as it may typically be for this time of year, we are happy to report a bit of an improvement from the slower days over the last few weeks. On the sunnier days we are begging to see some of the summit strain cutthroats cruise the shoreline in search of a partner, a great sign of spring conditions. This seems to be mostly specific to the “summits” with a lot of the “Pilot Peaks” typically spawning a bit later in the season and utilizing the river for their spawn.

To us this is a great indicator that these are truly the ancestral fish of this lake. The use of the river to spawn is imperative for successful incubation of the eggs due to the alkalinity and stagnant water of the lake. Any attempts by the summits to spawn along the shores of the lake will come in vain due to the lack of fresh, moving water. We still encourage you to not target these shallow water cruisers to let them do their thing.

Rather target the fish you don’t see; they are the ones still eating. Most of the fish you see cruising the beaches are pretty lock-jawed and are unlikely to be interested in your offering. Focusing your efforts a little farther from the bank, the midge bite will be in full force over the next few weeks, with streamers being a close second. We have also had some reports of leeches still having their days, especially on some of the beaches with deeper drop offs. In true Pyramid Lake fashion, you never know and should remain prepared for any situation on any given day. Be it the weather, the changing preferences of what the fish are eating or where they are holding, etc.

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