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The Deschutes River needs to be looked at as several rivers, because each section is so different with water quality and water type that this time of year it can be broken down into 5 or 6 sections, some good and some needing a pass….
The headwaters section is coldest, and running well to support the heat wave. Best action has been nymphing running perdigons and soft hackle PT’s Euro Style, or under a small Chubby. Terrestrials, PMD, Caddis and late evening PED’s and Rusty Spinners. 
The area between Crane Prairie and Wickiup is too warm to support C&R fishing, so best to leave that alone now. 
The Section from Wickiup to Sunriver is fishing slow, with some dusk opportunities on dries, but I would say this is not the spot to fish until we see cooler nights and more normal days which may take us out to August to get that combination. Watch Water Temps through here too. 68 and above, stop fishing. 
The area though Bend has a few little locals spots, and if you know where to go the last hour before dark you can catch some nice little wild trout on Purple Haze, Yellow Sparkle Duns and Parachutes, X Caddis and Renegades. Also nymphing Perdigons and Soft Hackles will find some fish. 
Downstream of Bend headed towards Lake Billy Chinook is a mix of an old Clash song….Should I stay or should I go? Fast water and areas where springs enter the river (thinking Riley Preserve and near Steelhead Falls) will be okay for the morning and evening jaunts.


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