Good Guide Days on the Lower Deschutes River

The Fly Fishers Place

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The Lower Deschutes from Warm Springs through the Whitehorse area is running cool and the fish and hatches are in good shape. I’ve even talked to friends who in the last few days have seen incredible dry fly fishing mid-day on Spinners and then transitioning to Caddis & Pale Evening Duns in the evening to dusk. We continue to enjoy good guide days and are spending days wading in shorts and our wading boots which feels amazing. 
Below Maupin, especially Below Sherars Falls the river is warm, and not a place we recommend fishing until we see a cool down. I have no reports about steelhead yet, and that is a good thing as nobody should be fishing for steelhead in these temps. Imagine releasing a (unicorn) Wild Steelhead in these conditions. Not fair to the fish.


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