It is now officially time to wade the wild trout section of the Lower Owens!

Tom Loe

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Flows have dropped below 200 cfs and should continue to fall. A plethora of bugs are on the menu and you need to have some small and medium sized mayflies. Trico's in the #20-22 range and associated PT nymphs or birds nest patterns. There are also some #14-16 sulfurs and PMD's around, flashback PT's are great for nymphs, #14-18. The light colored fall caddis #14 are also around, however this emergence is in its final stages & I believe that after this cold air cools the water down 5-10 degrees they will be outta here. On the other hand streamer fishing is really picking up and we are seeing some fine numbers and a few big rainbows showing on most drift boat guide trips. Small Punk Perch are the ticket for me this week #14. This is a spot on profile of the tiny chubs and Squaw Fish fry that are holding on the pillow water currently. Late fall is my favorite time to drift the Lower Owens. The scenery is spectacular and the fishing is excellent.

Pictured Above:John Descary with a glowing Owens brown he caught on a Punk Perch while drifting recently.
Photo #1:JD's friend Rick Sottile tight to a jumping bow on the same drift.
Photo #2:Bert Vervoorn got big fish honors on his float down the Owens with pal Monty Boswell doing net duty for this big rainbow
Photo #3:JD with one of many nice bow's he and Rick bested on their drift
Photo #4:Austin Herzog landing a typical Owens rainbow. Way to dip and strip buddy!
Photo #5:Peter & Austin Herzog with a sweet double. The father and son duo hit almost 30 in a single float.
Photo #6:Trent Wright got his birthday wish and had a great day drifting on the Owens with his dad Rick. This acrobatic rainbow had serious game!
Photo #7:Nice paint job Trent, happy birthday buddy!
Photo #8:Rick Wright showing how to tame a leaping Owens River rainbow
Photo #9:Rick S. showing off one of his nicer sized bows he landed with JD doing net duty

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