Some really nice sized fish are being caught at Lake Crowley

Tom Loe

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We are in the final stretch for the general trout season in the Sierra and Crowley will close on November 15th as will many other waters. The boat ramp (closes on 10-31-12) at Crowley is still functioning but can be difficult for larger rigs. I just pulled my "fish magnet" (24 feet long, 6000 lbs.) and had no serious trouble-just needed 4 wheel to get her out of the gravel. The lake is finally on the rise after months of falling. The Upper Owens River bypass from Rush Creek is raging (160cfs plus) & combined with the lowering of discharge from Crowley the lake is slowly filling. The algae situation continues to hamper still water nymphing at times, however one can have a great day on numbers of "rookies" recently planted into the lake in the North Arm around Six Bays. The bigs are more common with streamer fisherman using perch fry & crystal leech imitations with moderate sinking lines. You may tube & fish from the shore until November 15th, so even though we will not be using our bay boats to guide we can show you the ins and outs of fishing Crowley from the shore or a tube. The chironomid hatches will begin to diminish with this cooler weather moving in over the next couple weeks & larva patterns will be the key to success while fishing beneath our patented Under-Cator. Crystal tiger and zebra midges #16-20, broken back tiger midges are good choices. The Crowley Lake General Store will carry all our flies throughout the fall and winter and you can stop by and get the hot flies and a delicious meal or pastry before you head on the water.


Main Photo Above:Two Bug Doug and his guide doggie Calli getting some last "kicks" in on Crowley. Streamer fishing on Crowley has been very good with trophy sized browns hitting perch fry patterns like Punk Perch and Loebergs around Six Bays. Two Bug don't need no stinking waders!!!
Photo #1:Long time Drifter Jay Preston with a great brownie caught near Six Bays on Crowley. This is what Jay had to say, "Thanks Tom, you and your guides are all top notch ;) "
Photo #2:This fish is worthy of another shot. Check out the choppers on this buck Two Bug nailed

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