At Hot Creek fish midges early and caddis later

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

Water Conditions: Good, the flows are at 26cfs* as of 10/31. These flows should have been about 10cfs higher all summer.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Good Same ol same ol. Fishing midges early, then switching to baetis and caddis later after it warms up a bit. Frost on the ground in the mornings, so bundle up if you're going out at the crack of dawn.

Recommended Flies:

CDC Baetis DUN #20, Parachute Adams #20-22, Parachute Caddis #18-22, Profile Baetis #18-22 Brook's Hot Creek Caddis #18-20

NYMPHS: WD40 Black #20-22, Flashback Scud #16, San Juan Worm Red #14, BH Flashback PT #20, Olive or Grey Scud #16-18, , Grey Scud #16, Nori's Caddis Pupa Geen #18, Anderson's Bird of Prey Tan #20, Fox's Caddis Poopah Green #18

STREAMERS: Water isn't deep enough to really bother

Guides Hint: Don't trust your indicator and shorten your drifts. Set on the slightest pause.

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