Fishing is good at Crowley Lake, but the big fish are spread out so be patient and keep moving

The Trout Fitter Staff

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Water Conditions: The lake is at the lowest point we have seen in over 20 years. Watch out for islands between the marina and McGee Bay. It is also 3 ft deep 100 yds out from Sandy Point. Water temps are between 52 and 56 in most of the lake. Find the warmest water and you will find fish. Algae is pretty much history and it is very clear in many areas.

Cold mornings now so no need to show up before 9 am and bite really gets going about 10.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Marina is now closed for the season, acces via north arm for float tubes and shore fishing through 11/15 Fair. Daphnia is almost gone but perisistant in many places holding bigger fish.

Hilton, McGee and Crooked are pretty much done for with a few small fish on the west side of McGee. Fish are now holding in north end, Six Bays and Leighton. Bad news is the big fish are spread out so you have to wait between smaller fish to have one come by. Sandy- mostly small, Six Bays - mostly big but fewer grabs and off and on from day to day. Leighton - small to medium in shallows like 5 ft and mix of sizes with some big ones out in 10-12ft. Fishing from the shore in late afternoon in Six Bays and along Green Banks has also been good.

Recommended Flies:

Try Extended Body BWO as Calibaetis imitation among weeds near Owens mouth.

Nymphs: Early go with bright red blood worms or Albino Barons. Copper Tiger Big or Beaded Red/Black Optimidge mid morning and beaded Gray/Black Optimidge w/Green Flashback #16 or Shaft Emerger Large in bright sun overhead. Try hanging red to purple marabou leeches for best alternative meal up top.

Streamers: Perfection Perch, Rickerd's AP Emerger, Small Punk Perch either color, Doc's Twin Lakes Special in cinnamon size 12 early. Leech patterns stripped sloooowly with a twitch at all depths.

Guides Hint: Get out the bottom-reading thermometers. I have consistantly found fish away from the troops in the warmest water now.

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