Tom Loe accesses fishing at Pleasant Valley Res & the Owens River Gorge

Tom Loe

Report Date:

Conditions have not changed much since my last update. The rez proper remains at a very high level and is flooded well back into the trees making access difficult and just not any fun to fish the transition section between the lake and river below the power house. The short but sweet moving water section just below the PH has good numbers of rainbows holding in the deeper pocket water, and a dry dropper combo using a Stimulator, high-vis mayfly, or para post BWO as the upper and an olive crystal zebra or tiger midge #18-16 or Assassin birds nest as the bead head nymph below will get you grabs. "Freeze tubing" is also good from the launch ramp section towards the inlet. Use full sinks #4 or 5 to get down quickly. With the cooler weather the fish have moved deeper into the "blanket water" areas. Loebergs and Spruce-A-Bu's are good choices here. Work along the drop-offs on the west side. Still water nymphing has slowed; however if we get a warm snap after the fronts pass don't neglect bringing along your floating line and a selection of chironomids. PV fishes very much like Crowley and big number days using the still nymphing technique can occur even during the winter months.

The Gorge remains ice and snow free as of this report and access is good. Browns have a tendency to become more lethargic as water temps cool so the red hot bites will be over until it warms up elevating their metabolic rates to get them active again. Hit the deeper pools and ignore the riffle water if you go. Dry dropper bead head combos are pretty much the game here most of the time. Stick to #16-20 patterns for both adults and nymphs.
Pictured Above:The transition zone at Pleasant Valley. Note how the level is well into the trees and on the banks.


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