Fishing is getting better on the East Walker as the flows are up to 35 cfs.

Tom Loe

Report Date:

Good to see the water district bumping up the flows when the air temps chill to below zero here. Flows have come up to 35 cfs giving the fish here more insulation and alleviating full blown "bed ice" in the bulk of the water. It has been wicked cold here. Even my buddy Jeffery who owns the marina at Bridgeport Reservoir bailed out for a few weeks due to the cold! Two Bug Doug and Chris Basso checked it out on 12-20-12 and reported ice on, and in the water. Murphy's Pond was iced over and chunks of ice were floating. They caught some nice browns, pictured above in the deepest pools below the dam but it was a battle all the way. I have hard bed ice on McGee Creek this week and flows have dropped to a trickle in many areas due to this extreme cold. No significant snow on the ground as of this report. I suggest you look at the Nevada section if you wish to hit the EW. It is always warmer here, and although the fish counts are not as high as in the Cal section, you can get into some really nice browns even during the winter months. You will need to obtain a Nevada license.


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