The flows on the East Walker are low & the water is warmer than usual

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

The flows on the East Walker are 81 CFS. They have been in this range for a while now. This is really low for the summer months on the East Walker and the flows have played a big part of the river getting very warm. The other main factor is that Bridgeport Reservoir is very low and the water coming out of the lake into the East Walker starts out very warm. On a year like this the water can actually cool down some as it gets into the river and actually spread out the fish throughout the river down into Nevada.

If you are going to the East Walker start very early and quit fishing by 11:00am. From 11:00 to 6:00 pm the fish really need a break right now and we really should give them a break. There are some bugs hatching in the late evenings as the sun goes down especially on the California side. In the mornings Nymphing with small bugs like caddis, Trico's and Midges on no more than 5X tippet is a good bet. Dry dropper rigs are also worth a try. You can fool the occasional fish on Hopper patterns through the next month or more. The fish should be hanging out in or near some type of white water to get more oxygen.


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