The fishing at Lake Crowley is Top Drawer. They are feeding on the perch early in the AM

The Trout Fitter Staff

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Water Conditions: The water at Crowley Lake has improved. The water level is down, but so is the algae.

Water temp: Water temp has soared to about 65F on the bottom across the lake.

The lake is much lower than previous years. Watch out for Pelican Point which sticks out way into the lake.

Look for white buoys and pass to the east.

Also the islands just north of there are poppng out. Watch for buoys and go slow coming in when it is rough as buoys are small and tough to see in chop.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: The fishing has been very good at Lake Crowley.

Best place for lots of fish is McGee Bay in about 8-12 ft of water. A mix of Brown, Rainbow and Cutthroats up to 16 in. with a bigger fish occasionally. A grab a minute mid-morning if you have the right fly.

Hilton and north arm have some big fish but spread out.

Recommended Flies:

Kent's: Bright red larvae patterns producing before 9 am. Gray/Black Bead Head Optimidge with Green Flashback after the sun gets high.

Red/Black Optimidge ot Mickey's Copper Tiger

Mickey's: Albino Baron early, Shaft Emerger midday.

Strip Perfection Perch - smallest size.

Guides Hint: Those fish slapping the surface are chasing Perch Fry up from the bottom. Get in the tube and strip Perfection Perch or hang a Punk Perch under the indicator before 8AM.

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