The Lower Owens bite is fairly consistent but the hatches are best in the mornings & the evenings

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

Water Conditions: The flows are in the Lower Owens are currently at 181 cfs as of 7/24.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fishing on the Lower Owens is very good now. The bite is fairly consistent. With the heat wave, the majority of the hatches are happening around the morning and evening time. You may have better success nymphing.

Recommended Flies:

upright organza rusty spinner, yellow sally, mini hot Garcia's, #16 baby boy hopper, chernobyls, #16 parachute adams, extended body bwo, #18 stimulators, #20 pearl butt trico spinner, #20 quill body spinner, Q's sparkle stacker bwo, trapped dun pmd, organza trico spinner, light cahill

NYMPH: #18 caddis candy , #18 two bit hooker, copper johns, bh prince nymphs, #20 trico may nymph, #20 sulphur nymph, #18 mighty may sloan, #18 beck's sulphur emerger, #16 caddistrophic, little brown bug,#16 fox's poopah, #16 nitro caddis, bird of prey, #18 micro stone

STREAMERS: Wounded Sculpin, Matuka, BH Carey Bugger, Crystal Bugger, BH Pop's Bugger

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The Trout Fitter Reports
for Saturday, July 27th, 2013
Crowley Lake: The Stillwater Classic at Lake Crowley will be held August 3rd
Twin Lakes (Mammoth Basin): The fishing at Twin Lakes in the Mammoth Basin has been good
Lake Mary: More & more big fish are being caught from the shoreline at Lake Mary, the fishing is excellent
Lake Mamie: The fishing is great at Lake Mamie right now
Lake George: Lure fishing is the ticket for Lake George Brookies
Mammoth Creek: Fishing at Mammoth Creek requires a good casting technique
Convict Lake: Convict Lake fishing is red hot right now
June Lake: Fishing is a great right now on June Lake
Gull Lake: Gull Lake fishing is hot & heavy.
Silver Lake: Big fish have been caught at Silver Lake every week
Grant Lake: Fishing Conditions at Grant Lakee are not as good as other spots in the Loop
Rush Creek: The fishing conditions have slowed in Rush Creek between Silver & Grant lakes.
Rock Creek Lake: Fishing at Rock Creek Lake has ranged from Fair to Good
Rock Creek - Section 1: Rock Creek is fishing good as are many of the fishing spots in the Mammoth Lakes area
Crowley Lake: Perch fishing is excellent at Crowley Lake, Trout fishing is good
Owens River: The fishing is good right now on the Upper Owens
Pleasant Valley Reservoir: The increased water level has caused the fish to move -- time to explore!
Twin Lakes (Bridgeport): The fishing at Twin Lakes in Bridgeport is excellent. Not much size but lots of fish.
Bridgeport Reservoir: Bridgeport Reservoir is fishing great but the water level & water temp could change things quickly
Arrowhead Lake (Mammoth Lakes): Get out early to fish Arrowhead Lake in the Mammoth area
Skelton Lake: Skelton Lake is really fishing well but the bite drops off after 9 AM
Barney Lake: Fishing at Barney Lake in the Mammoth Lakes area is fair to good
Mammoth Lakes Basin: On the Mammoth Basin Lakes; Dry flies work in the AM & stramers work later in the day
Hot Creek: Hot Creek fishing is off a little because the recent rain & thunderstorms has made the water dirty
San Joaquin River: Fish on the San Joaquin are looking for dry flies
Crowley Lake: The fishing at Lake Crowley is Top Drawer. They are feeding on the perch early in the AM
Owens River: Fishing on the Upper Owens is good but the recent rains has caused some problems
Owens River: The fishing & water conditions make for good fishing at the Owens River Gorge
Pleasant Valley Reservoir: Because of the hight water level, Pleasant Valley Res. fish can be found in the stream section


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