Fish Rush Creek in the morning & evening hours. Dry flies have been the most productive

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

Water Conditions: The conditions of Rush Creek are good, flows are at 28 cfs as of 7/24 below Grant lake to hwy 395. And the the flows are at 28 cfs as of 7/24 between Silver Lake and Grant Lake.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fishing on Rush Creek is fair to good. This is the time of the year we all dread, the run off is about to taper off, so the water temps are increasing. Fishing will be good in the cooler time of the day. Dries have been the most productive fly. Fish the undercut banks in the general reg section of Rush Creek (between Silver lake and Grant Lake)

Recommended Flies:

cdc flying ant, parachute adams, extended body bwo, chernobyl, stimulators, elk hair caddis, griffith gnat, parachute caddis, sierra brite dot, royal wulff, hatch matcher

NYMPHS: #18 superflash pheasant tail, #16 deep six caddis, bird of prey, #18 caddis candy, #18 Nori's caddis pupa, bird of prey, san juan, variety of midges, #16 bh prince nymphs, #16 sizzlin red squirrel, #18 zug bug, #18 wd40

STREAMERS: goat leech, Carey bugger, Crystal bugger, Sheep Creek Special, BH Pop's Bugger


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