Fishing on the East Walker is slow

The Trout Fitter Staff

Report Date:

Water Conditions: The flows on the East Walker are up to 69cfs as of 8/1.

Fishing Conditions and Hatch: There is one word for fishing on the East Walker sloooooow. The flows have dropped dramatically, raising the water temp. Only fish in the early, early morning or late, late evening. If you must fish this place stick around the dam area.

PLEASE Do not over play the fish! get them in and release quickly!!!!

Sportfishing Report Comment: Many people, guides & knowledgeable fishermen, are recommending not to fish the East Walker at all. Because of the current conditions and the fact that fishing the East right now may result in the death of the fish even if the fish is released.


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Guides Hint: WARNING-water temp is climbing. please take some TLC on the fish!


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