Northern Utah Fish Report, August13, 2013

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The (Dog Days) of summer have arrived in Northern Utah. We have had a lot of afternoon thunderstorms lately, and these storms are affecting the fishing here is the latest information on our rivers and streams. The Provo is still fishing well, crowded on the weekends not so crowded on the weekdays. Caddis and PMD's are fishing through the day, Caddis in the evening and night. Afternoon thundershowers are causing the fishing to be more difficult on some afternoons, the fish are on and feeding, the storms come in and shut the fishing down. PMD's are still catching some fish, Caddis are the best, work the water with different caddis nymphs and dries for the best results, and maybe try a streamer during the thunderstorms. The Weber is getting markedly tougher than it was the hatching bugs are there but the fish are pretty hard to catch with them, best alternative "the hopper". Try fishing the hopper to the banks and riffles. The Green has changed quite a bit you still can catch some on dries but it is much tougher now try small to medium hoppers, ants, or the triple doubles if you want fish on dries. Fish on the Green are feeding mostly on small scuds, try small size 18 to 22 grey scuds fished deep and you should find some willing trout. For those of you fishing the lower river water temps in slow areas near shore have increased a lot, fish are more willing in the afternoons if you fish moving water areas and areas with more depth there the water remains cold. The outlying areas have produced some good fishing lately try caddis and hoppers.

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