The flows on the East Walker are better than last year

Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

Report Date:

Flows are 103 CFS. Last year this time they were 136 CFS. Both outstanding flows for getting around the river but means the water will be warmer than normal. The Bridgeport area gets some really low overnight temperatures and the water temps are dropping daily. It is still important to fish in the mornings and keep an eye on the water temperatures mid-day. If they get above 70 it is a really good idea to stop fishing and give the fish a break. There are a lot of fish looking up right now at Grass Hoppers and Big Attractor Dries. The flows right now are awesome for hopper dropper set ups. It is even better with just an attractor dry with no dropper. It is worth the drive to the East Walker right now you just have to have the mind set to quit around noon. It is awesome wet wading water on the East Walker right now. No crowds (especially on the Nevada Side) and fish eating on the surface.


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