The fishing has been very good on Culebra Creek eventhough the water is low

Solitary Angler

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The fish??ing has been really good, although the water has been low -- check the flows com??ing out of Sanchez Reser??voir. When the flows are 20 or below, the fish are still ris??ing, even though the water can be a lit??tle off-color.

The fish are still ris??ing to big grasshop??per pat??terns, big mayfly bead-head drop??pers, Van's rag fly or micro-mayfly nymphs. When the water's up, nymph rigs or stream??ers are work??ing good, as they have been all year.

If the water is low and clear and you really enjoy catch??ing these big fish on grasshop??per pat??terns -- if you like the way they come to the sur??face and eat grasshop??pers, this is the time to come!

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