Trinchera Creek is fishing very well right now -- it is a jewel

Solitary Angler

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The jewel of what we have to offer, pretty much all of the Trinchera Ranch has been fish??ing good, includ??ing San??gre de Cristo Creek, which not many peo??ple fish. You'll be sur??prised, that with this rain the creek it's got??ten some water -- still deep enough to fish, not all dried up yet in the upper sections.

Both the Ute Creek and the Trinchera Creek are fish??ing good now. Lots of big cut??throats and brook??ies are being caught up high on both creeks. It's been great to fish the lower stuff in the morn??ing, then if it gets hot, move to the higher ele??va??tions in the after??noon to have excel??lent fish??ing for the whole day.


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