The fall migration of Browns from Lake Crowley to the Upper Owens should begin soon

Tom Loe

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This is the section of river that flows into Crowley Lake. Hot Creek joins the UO in two places above the Benton Crossing Bridge. Numbers have been good recently during the mid-week periods after just so-so "catching" during the Labor Day traffic. Look for the fall migration of browns out of Crowley to begin soon. With the amount of browns I have seen this season in Crowley we may have an epic spawn IF they can get out of the lake. Flows have been significantly reduced, water levels are low for this time of year. Clarity is great, weeds are not an issue here. Tis' the time of year for a "hopper and a dropper"- hang a flashback/poxyback PT, crystal caddis, or birds nest under a Stimulator, Sofa Pillow, or your favorite hopper pattern #14-12. The ones I have seen are dark brown this year. San Juan worms, roe patterns, & broken back midges are also good selections for nymphing the deeper pools.

Do not overlook streamer fishing during migration periods on the UO. Stripping Loebergs & punk perch along the deeper channels and along the under cut banks can pay off with a trophy fish on those windy/cloudy days.

The section of river downstream from the bridge to the CDFW regulation sign will close to ALL anglers after 9-30-13. Monument to Crowley open until 11-15 with special regs, up from the bridge is year around with special regs.

Pictured Above:
Bobby passed the SDFF clinic with honors on his first stop.
Photo #1: Lucky also has a bunch of skills! Thanks for all the help pal.
Photo #2; Jimmie got a bunch of love from the trout in his first pool after the clinic. High fives Jimmie!

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