Check each alpine location you wish to fish/visit before making the treking into the mountains

Tom Loe

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I suggest you check each alpine location you wish to fish/visit before making the trek into elevation. They vary greatly and because we do not guide many of them I will not give specific information as to how the conditions are in each location. This is a very low water year and some are out of business for boat rentals and launching. The larger resorts are getting ample stockings with some CDFW brood fish this fall. Lakes are doing much better than creeks and rivers this fall so it will pay off to hit these fisheries with a tube for more consistent action weather permitting. Streamer fishing with full or heavy sink tips using Agent Orange, Spruce-A-Bu's, Loebergs, & crystal Leeches is a constant in these locations (stockers are opportunistic) and you will also find some holdover fish taking midge and callibaetis nymphs in some locations. Find the drop offs and inlets, or sub-surface structure like tree stumps and rocks - suspend nymph patterns below an Under-cator to fool these rascals.

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