Water Down Below The Bridge Seems To Be The Most Active

Kens Sporting Goods Staff

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The flow on the East is about 106 cfs today. We’re still getting some very warm weather during the days up here though the night time temps are down into the 40’s most nights which is helping keep the water temps at a reasonable level. We’ve had some good reports as well as some not so good reports for the river this past week. The good reports are all from anglers who are getting out early in the morning and fishing until about 9 or 10 or anglers who are hitting the water after 5 or 6 and fishing until dark. Not too much action during the middle of the day, it’s probably best to be doing something else during the day, maybe this is how day drinking was invented?? In the mornings anglers have been having success mainly with caddis nymphs and small midge patterns, though there has been some action with dries like tricos, small parachute adams or small caddis dries. In the evenings it’s been mainly with caddis dries. The water down below the bridge seems to be the most active, this section is more choppy than the Mile section so the fish seem to be happier down there.

Patterns to try: Rainbow warrior, silver streak, san juan worm, squirmy wormy, micro mayflies, top secret midge, darth baetis, buckskin caddis, dark lord, copper John, LaFontaines deep sparkle pupa, z-wing caddis, Fox’s poopah, razor caddis, elk hair caddis, E/C caddis, parachute adams, blue dun, pale morning dun.

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