East Walker Report

The Trout Fitter Staff

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Flow Rates and Water Conditions

Water Conditions:  Poor

Flows are 55cfs as of 7/22


Fishing Conditions and Hatches

Fishing conditions and Hatches: Flows are up some more and nighttime temperatures are down to the 30's for a couple of nights. But then next week the temperatures come right back up so I'm still staying away.

Even with the rain and overcast my feeling is STAY AWAY. The river might actually survive this summer and we can get back to it next year. The problem with what's going on now is with the flows this low there's very little oxygen generation. Couple that with the dirty water the fish aren't that spooky and are sluggish, leaving them as sitting ducks. At least during the winter there's plenty of oxygen and water clarity is good so if you get a fish or 2 out of a hole the rest will shut down. As the lake drops the water going into the river gets warmer and warmer and dirtier and dirtier.

Flows have gone back down and only about 10% of normal and that combined with warming water temperatures will not help the fishing.  This will be the 2nd year with limited stocking of fingerlings and a computer programing glitch which removed "barbless" from regulations on any body of water that is stocked, no matter how limited it may be.

SO, it is up to us to protect this fishery, or we can be more concerned with ego gratifying pictures and videos and watch the death spiral of a once great fishery.

Recommended Flies

IGNORE FOR NOW!!!!!!!            DRIES:   | Mother Shucker #22-24 | E/C Caddis #14-18 | Caddis Adult Tan #14-16 | Sparkle Flag Black #20-22 | Chernobyl Ant #6-10 | Chernobyl  org/grz  #6-8

NYMPHS: Prince Nymph #12-16| Dead Drift Crayfish #8 | Bottom Roller Psycho #10-12 | Copper Zebra #16-22 | T's Stone Drummond Light #8-10 | Tung Stud Black #18-20 |  Glass Bead Micro May Olive #22-24 | S&M Nymph #20-22  | Tungsten Jig Baetis #16-20 | TTS Opal B/L #14-18| Tungsten Z- wing #14-18

STREAMERS: Meat Whistle | Sculpzilla | Hornberg #10-14 | Belly Scratcher Minnow Chub #2 | Bank Robber Sculpin #2 | Punk Perch Light #10-14

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