Paulina Lake is continuing to fish well

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Paulina Lake is continuing to fish well. Last week I set Tina up with a Watermelon Balanced Leech, and me with a Chromie and Olive Pupa, and we shared many bobber down moments fishing the same water with totally different flies.
I also was using a Type 5 line with a Blob and got fish using that method and then we hit a nice callibaetis hatch over a mid-shallow weed bed and did really well on Parachutes, Extended Body Callibaetis and my Black Butte Callibaetis. I like fishing 2 or 3 dries on a long leader now for CB hatches on the lakes. It is a great way to add numbers to the net.
The most fun part of our day was the afternoon winds came up and I motored her along the banks with the Minn Kota and she had so many fish up to a Hopper it was exciting as can be. Hoppers, Beetles and Ants belong in your lake box.


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