Hot Creek Fishing Report

The Trout Fitter Staff

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Water Conditions: Fair, showing 1 cfs as of 9/2

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Remember these are the flows just below 395 on Mammoth Creek

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair to Good      Hot Creek in the canyon is now closed with only the Interpretive site open. Anybody who fishes there has a good mental image of what the crowds could be like, and it's not a pretty picture. Seriously, please show respect to other anglers and don't overcrowd. Best to drive by and if there aren't more than a few cars head on down, lots of cars, head on the Owens. The mud/rockslides were more extensive than I had first written about. Most of the damage was in the middle section and only time will tell if it's good, bad, or indifferent. Who would have thought the signs to stay on the trails were important. Yes, I'm a little bit punchy right now. There is a silver lining to the extremely low flows in Mammoth Creek, with less warm water joining the spring water, water temperatures are staying cold a little longer. The water is getting warmer so it's probably best to fish the first 1/2 of the day and then give it a rest. The best thing you can do is carry a thermometer as temperatures fluctuate more than you would think.

This time of year there are few new wrinkles but that should change in the next month with Tricos and caddis fading and BWOs, Craneflies and October Caddis showing up. Caddis, Midges and Tricos (7-10 am) but the PMDs are done, replaced by the Tiny BWO and a gray mayfly (probably a Baetis) late morning until the middle of the afternoon. The dry fly fishing is pretty slow, nymphing has been more consistent with the exception of terrestrials, hoppers and ant patterns alone or with a dropper are working well. Scuds and caddis are a good choice all day. Please be mindful of other anglers - there are plenty of spots to fish on Hot Creek. The fish (including the bigger ones) have moved into the faster, shallower water so shorten up and keep your drifts real short. The fish are in there and they're hungry. AND the weed beds are very thick, hence the comment about short drifts. I tell my clients that a 4 second drift is average and finish with an aggressive pickup, you will hook fish you never knew existed.

DRIES:  R.P. Emerger #22  | Sparkle Flag Black #20-22 | Yellow Stimulator #8-16 | Mother Shucker #24 | CDC Baetis Dun #18-24 | Para Caddis #18-22 | E/C Caddis #16-20

NYMPHS:  T Midge #24 | Zebra Midge #18-22 | Grey/Olive Scud #16-18 | Tailwater Scud Tungsten #14-18 | S&M nymph #16-18 | Little Brown Bug #16-18 | Medallion Midge #18-24 |  Buckskin #16-20  |   Barr's Emerger #16-22 | Deep Six Pupa #18

STREAMERS: BH Bopp SlumpBuster | Perfection Perch #4-8 | Punk Perch #10-16 | Hornburg #10-14   Mice

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