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The Metolius of course is the place we feel is our home waters. I was out monday with Tina and some friends and loved the good hatches we saw all afternoon! I have heard from people all week that the hatches have been really good this week, including Flav’s which I had assumed were done, but march on. PMD’s, BWO’s and Mahogany Duns are all reliable early october hatches and you’ll want to make sure you have emergers, cripples, duns and spinners to match them if you’re planing a trip to the Met in the next 2 weeks.

A lot of caddis still, from #16 Tan and Grey to a lot more big October Caddis that are size 8’s (maybe some a bit larger). The fish seem to prefer the pupa mostly on the big orange fall caddis, but the smaller caddis the trout love the adults as much as the pupa stages. Stonefly action is winding down, but certainly carry some Clark’s Stones in an 8-10 as they imitate Golden Stones and do a fine job imitating Oct Caddis Adults too.

A lot of nymph action, from Perdigons, Jigs, 2 Bits, Micro May’s, Caddis Pupa, Golden Stone Nymphs and Eggs as more Kokanee are funneling up river from the Lake to spawn.

Bull Trout on Streamers is good. 8 weight rods and sink tips are weapons of choice for swinging, but there is game in a 6 or 7 weight switch rod, a floating line and indicator set up with a streamer, leech or little red nymph pattern.

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