Crane Prairie is decent at both ends

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Crane Prairie is decent at both ends, so near the resort side in the Deschutes Channel area, and over on the Rock Creek and Quinn side. Stripping leeches on a Camo Line is good. Pine Squirrel Leeches are becoming a favorite of mine here at Crane and other lakes too. Indicator action is always a good bet at Crane with Balanced Leeches. Chironomids are slowing down but on warm days should remain important until it ices over. Water Boatman, Dragon Fly Nymphs, Blobs, Scuds and Leeches are your October flies to work through. Channel Marker Buoys were taken out in Mid September. These are the 4 foot tall white buoys that have a reminder of the 10mph speed limit and indicate the channel areas at Deschutes, Cultus, Quinn, and other areas on the lake. They are also good in the wind for navigating to find your boating line. I am super unimpressed with whatever government agency took them out five or six weeks before the end of the season and have made contact with the DSCO Marine Patrol and the OSMB and got zero response as to why important markers in the lake would be removed so early before the end of the fishing season. Total crap if you ask me.


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