Nymph fishing continues to be impressive most days

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Metolius River is transitioning to good Pale Morning Dun hatches. These will dominate the hatch cycle most afternoons for the foreseeable future. PMD’s and May are a big deal. May also brings the 1st hatches of Green Drakes. I heard some scuttle in the fly shop this week some folks saw Drakes, which is entirely possible as nature allows for some early hatchers to get the process started in case of catastrophe during the main event. BUT….I am guessing at 1st glance people thought they saw Green Drakes but actually saw a large Epeorus mayfly that is more common in spring and hatches just a bit earlier than the Drakes. Usually by Mid-May the Drakes are becoming more consistent, and by Memorial Day it is ON!
Don’t forget about BWO’s throughout the month too. The smaller mayflies can sometimes be overlooked by us, but not by the trout.
Caddis hatches should improve a lot next week when we get those warmer days that are in the forecast. Fish caddis pupa anytime, but it does seem like the adults are most productive in a certain and more settled weather patterns.
Nymph fishing continues to be impressive most days.
May is sweet. See you out there.


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