Crane Prairie had what can be called a so-so opener last weekend

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Crane Prairie had what can be called a so-so opener last weekend. I have a theory on that, and that is the ice was off the lake for a while, the fish were set up and feeding and living a quiet life, and suddenly on April 22nd at dawn, motorboat after motorboat putted or roared by them, through every channel, across every flat and my guess is that puts the fish down for a bit. Sure, the lake is high(ish) and they are spread out, and some of the fish are still in the Upper Deschutes yet to return to the reservoir, but in general I think it takes a bit of time to get the fish used to the sound of motors and seeing boats moving all around them.
I know people who were there last week that got zilch, and I know people that did really well. The really well crowd fishes Blood Worms and Chironomid Pupa’s.
Leeches are always a strong choice for Crane. Damsel Nymphs and Water Boatman are high on the list for this time of the season too.
I do not know if the dock was put in at the Deschutes Boating Site near the Resort. Should be soon if not already. Quinn is officially closed, but it is my understanding that many folks drove around the gate and pushed through snow and mud puddles to get there last weekend. I think driving around gates is not a good idea.


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