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The Fall River is fishing well

The Fly Fishers Place

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The Fall River is fishing well, plenty of fish but a lot of crowds. How to beat that? Go at sunrise and leave by 11. Or go at 3 and fish until sunset. Mid day, expect a lot of folks to most likely be sharing the water with you.
Fall River gets a Green Drake hatch in May, but it isn’t happening quite yet. PMD’s have begun to emerge, along with BWO’s and Midges and some straggler March Browns. Caddis action will improve with more stable and warm weather soon enough. With the warmer days, soils and trees and warming too, and that makes the ants and beetles more active. Certainly worth it to fish a black ant or juicy #14 beetle on the Fall in the Spring, Summer and Fall.
Nymphs and Streamers are certainly going to be your best bet for getting fish to the net on the Fall at this time.


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