Crane Prairie Fishing Report

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Crane Prairie. Hmmmmm. I described it to a friend as 2 degrees better than dog crap on the rug a few days ago. I personally think it sucks right now.
I also think that when the millions of tiny midges are hatching, that every year the fishing is very slow during this period. I’m going to give it until June and go back. Last year in May I found it to be slow (but this bad) and a marked improvement in June. Will this year be the same? I hope so.
Last June balanced leeches, chironomids, damsel nymphs and the best callibaetis hatches I’d seen at Crane since the 80’s gave us some really special days of fishing up until that god-forsaken heat dome settled over us on about June 27th last year. Please mother nature don’t let that happen again. Like ever! Anyway, I see a good near future at CP, it just isn’t good right now.


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