We are seeing increasing numbers of Green Drakes and PMD’s

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On the Metolius we are seeing increasing numbers of Green Drakes and PMD’s. With the warm days coming back I also foresee a better emergence of caddis and warm enough evenings when an angler (like you or me for example) would want to fish until dark and see if the fish were sipping rusty spinners at dusk. Sometimes when it’s cold and windy, those rusty spinners come back to lay eggs mid-day and can be overshadowed by other hatches or they go unnoticed by the fish because the “fall” is so spread out instead of the condensed timing of it all at dusk when the fish really get keyed on them. We love the Harrops CDC Parachute Rusty Spinner and my own Sunset Spinner which I developed fishing the evening spinner falls on the Metolius several years back.
For dry fly windows we are looking at noon to 5 for Drakes and PMD’s with some possibilities of caddis and BWO’s in there too. From 6 to Dusk Caddis, Rusty Spinners and BWO’s are most likely.
SUNDAY 5/22/22 The UPPER RIVER from the headwaters to the Allingham Bridge opens for the season. AWESOME RIGHT?! See you up there. I’ll be euro nymphing for sure.


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