Nymph action is really productive

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Down on the Lower Deschutes the Salmonfly hatch is “kind of” in full swing. They appear to be all the way from Maupin up to Warm Springs. But, the cool and wet days have the bugs more hunkered in the stream side grasses than flying around. Fish under the trees and tight to the banks because clumsy adults are finding their way into the water and are getting slammed by big fish. Also try mid river riffles/bars and launch a big bug out there. It doesn’t hold the percentages of the banks and trees but a lot of those fish are less pressured. It can be fun to do that type of cast with a trout spey!
PMD and Pale Evening Duns are out and fish are tipping up on them at the surface. But what is really hot is a Brown #14-16 mayfly nymph now imitating both of these mayflies before emergence.
BWO’s are important mayflies on the lower river now as well. My friend Chester said he skipped lunch a few days ago because of a great baetis hatch.
Caddis are somewhat important, more as a larva or pupa. This is a great time of year to fish a Green Rock Worm before they go to the Pupa phase.
This is the time of year you’re going to need to tuck a few Green Drakes into your Deschutes box. Be prepared over the next 3 weeks to see them out mid afternoon, especially for those of you on the 3 day trip from Trout Creek to Maupin.
Nymph action is really productive and needs to be on your agenda until we get some warmer and drier days coming and the big salmon flies and golden stones start really flying well. We are crossing our fingers right along with you for that to happen.


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