The Fall River has some great PMD hatches happening

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The Fall River has some great PMD hatches happening. Don't forget about the Baetis, the BWO's are coming off on cloudy days and we will see some cloudy rainy weather this weekend. Should be fantastic! The spinner fall in the morning followed up with the hatch coming off mid day is where it's at. The Rusty Spinner #14, Mercer's Missing Link in PMD and the PMD Challenged should have you covered for now. For nymphing, the Crystal HBI, Mercer's PMD Jigster and a plain ol' Pheasant Tail in #14 - 16 will get the fish eating your fly. Don't forget to bring midge pupae and your favorite BWO nymphs. Zebra Midges in #14 - 18 and the Two Bit Hooker in #16 -18 are good recs. Swinging and stripping scuds and leeches is also a good technique in the deep holes. June is the time to come up to the Fall!

Hot Flies:  TB Drowned Rusty Spinner, PMD's, Norman's Wiggletails, Pheasant Tails, Mercer's Missing Link, Zug Bugs, and Leeches.


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