The Lower Deschutes is fishing quite well now

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The Lower Deschutes is fishing quite well now. With yet another cool and rainy day on the High Desert yesterday and today, it prolongs the hatch a little more. When the heat returns this coming week it will probably finish with one last good session that ought to last 4 or 5 more days. While it is highly possible to get a slamming good SALMONFLY bite on a warm evening coming up, keep in mind more fish are going to bite a smaller Golden or Yellow Sally at this point in the hatch.
There are a number of very good hatches besides these bigger stones to pay attention to. Pale Evening Duns #12, Pale Morning Duns #16, Green Drakes #10, and numerous Caddis Tan #14-16, Olive #14-16, Black or Chocolate Brown #18 will do the trick. Pupa and Adults are on the menu.
Brown Micro Mayflies, Brown 2 Bit’s, Soft Hackle PT’s and PMD Split Case nymphs are really good now.


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