The Truckee flows took a bit of a roller coaster ride this week

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The Truckee flows took a bit of a roller coaster ride this week, starting at under 500 CFS last week and peaking at 1,250 CFS a few days ago at the Boca confluence. The water is on a downward trajectory as of today and we should have some great fishing opportunities for the next two days. Yet with the next storm rolling in early next week, we expect the flows to rise once again. And with it coming more as snow than rain, the flows may not be quite as affected as last week, especially higher up the river system.

For those that did get out this week, we have had great reports on streamer fishing, and we expect this trend to continue for a while, and even improve, as spring is a good time to fish streamers, combined with the high flows and stained water. The streamers of choice have been on the larger side, in the 4” range, and with the colored up water black has been a good color choice at this time. If nymph fishing, sticking with attractor nymphs would be best right now, so focus on Stonefly nymphs, worms, eggs, or larger mayfly or caddis nymphs with some flash. Continue to focus on soft eddies behind boulders, tailouts at the end of a deep bucket, or the seams where fast water and slow water meet. With the extra bit of turbidity in the water in the lower river, the upper stretches here on the CA side will likely provide better fishing, however the water will be on the colder side up high, so continue to focus on fishing mid-day through the afternoon as water temps warm.

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