Right now "still water nymphing" might be the best technique for fly fishing at Bridgeport

Tom Loe

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Bridgeport is acting much like Crowley. The weeds are consuming the open water in the creek channels which have been red hot for the last few weeks. Far less algae at Bridgeport but it is starting to bloom around the marina and launch ramp areas. The drop off right in front of the "sheep masters" Jefferies marina is becoming a go to spot for tubers and bait fishers. There is open water at 14 feet with holes into the Walker channel. Perch fry, damsel nymphs, callibaetis, and chironomids are all on the menu here.

I have had great success still water nymphing this season and I would focus on locating a clear spot in the weeds as close to an inlet as possible, as opposed to trolling a streamer in the limited weed free water currently. The pond weed will begin to abate as the water cools and the late fall fishing here is looking to be excellent.

Our photo shows Lynette Hampton displaying a gorgeous Bridge brownie caught recently in Buckeye Bay on a callibaetis pattern while fishing with me in shallow water. Not bad for your first time on the lake Lynette, could you keep Jeffery on vacation?

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