The East Walker may be setting up for a big fall fly fishing season

Tom Loe

Report Date:

There is a good amount of weed and algae present on the EW currently, but not anything that would cause major problems. Keep a close eye on your flies profile each presentation for slime or weed. The flows continue to decrease and we can anticipate some fine fall conditions here for sure. It has not been red hot on the EW despite the stable flows recently but I suspect a small drop in water temps will trigger a good feeding snap soon.

Dougie Fresh had a good day on 9-16 with just a minor flow drop. Check out the picture of the "Bad Bad Leroy Brown-Badest Brown in the whole damn town!" at the top of this page. Hoppers are abundant along the shore and I would suggest tossing them from time to time if you are not having any success with nymphing the riffles and pools. A fair amount of weight is required to get your nymphs down, especially in the big holes. I had success with broken back midges, Pt's, and a birds nest pattern # 16-18. Crowds have been lighter than usual? Take advantage of this ehhh!

Our secondary photo gives some indication of the joys of wet wading! Don Yunkers tight to a nice one on the "spring hole" recently. This was a really big fish & after a lengthy battle wanted no part of a photo op!

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