Some info on the "Second Summer" Trout Derby

Tom Loe

Report Date:

Western Outdoor News and the Tourism folks around here are putting on a trout derby called the "Second Summer". It entails the planting of some nice fish in numerous areas and will provide some prizes for tagged or marked fish until the end of the general trout season on Nov 15th. This will spice up the normal plantings of DFG and IAG fish. The fall colors in the alpine regions are not far off and you can have some great fishing from a tube while enjoying the awesome scenery.

Still water nymphing the drop-offs and inlet sections in most of these upper elevation lakes with tiger or zebra midges & Pheasant tails will get you into fish. Look for the 8-12 foot depth range generally. Streamer fishing will cover the remainder of the water and I suggest a full or heavy sinking tip line using Loebergs, Spruce-a-bu's, Agent Orange or Crystal leeches.

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