You have to fish the cut banks on the Upper Owens

Tom Loe

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Rats! Just when you think the fun is really going to begin up here the water comes up. Flows are way up (160cfs plus) and nearly three times higher than normal (65cfs). Level is over the bank in many sections. The water is emanating from Grant Lake/Silver Lake and how long it will last only the LADWP knows. I suspect for quite a while as both of these June Lake loop still waters are full. The fish will adjust, so you need to as well by using lots of weight while nymphing. On a positive note we will have a great channel cut next year on Crowley along Green banks. Use attractor patterns like San Juan Worms and roe imitations, midge or PT's with flash incorporated into the pattern. If the weed is not prevalent, streamers are a great choice this time of year. Use the "dip & strip" method along the cut banks on the deep side with a moderate sinking tip line. Loebergs #10 rock here now as well as larger Punk Perch and crystal leeches #8. Roads got really muddy after this storm so look before you drive in. Remember they are frozen in the morning & thaw by afternoon.

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