If it's snowy, fish elsewhere, if it is sunny Lewiston might be just the ticket

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Current Lake Conditions:
Lot's of potential coming this week. Partly sunny, drier weather should produce decent fishing for some big rainbows up near the dam. Stripping leeches, buggers and #16 mayfly nymphs near the marina could make for a great day of fishing. Up until now, fishing has been tough thanks to snowy, winter storms. We recommend fishing on Lewiston this week!

Fish #16-18 Pseudo Mays, Lightnin's Biot Baetis in #16-18, Zebra Midges in various colors #16-18.

Stripping and retrieving nymphs, leeches and buggers is a very solid technique on Lewiston. Use a sinking line! A good sinking line to use is RIO's Big Boy 24" Sink Tip.

The Fly Shop's  Tips:
A productive technique is suspending #22 red zebra midges or Gidgets under a treated piece of poly yarn. A single BB shot will get the flies down deep. About 7-8 feet. When using indicators, the takes can be difficult to see and detect. Successful indicator anglers keep the flies in the water, sometimes letting the drift extend all the way to the backing, then low and slow retrieve. Sink tip fly lines allow anglers to retrieve leeches, buggers and small nymphs fast or slow. This lake is best fished from a motorized boat, pram or pontoon boat. Float tubes are fine if you are okay with walking back up to the parking lot after the slow current of Lewiston pushes you south of the boat ramp.

Suggested Fly Patterns:

Dry Flies:

• Parachute Adams #14
• Hackle Stackers - BWO #18
• Parachute Adams - #14-18
• Fox's Scum Dun #14
• Mayfly Cripples

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• CB Frostbites - #18
• Sparkle Scuds #14-16
• Pseudo Mays in brown and/or olive - #16-18
• Lightnin's Biot Baetis #16-18
• Tobinator - Rust #16
• Ultra Scuds #16
• Sparkle Scuds
• Serendipity - #20
• Chromies - #18-20
• Mercer's Micro May - Black #18
• BH Pheasant Tail Nymph #16-18
• Pheasant Tail Nymph #14-16
• Sparkle Scuds - #14-16
• Zebra Midges - #18-20
• Mercer's Gidgets

• Translucent Wiggle Tail
• Zack's Swimming Leech - #8
• Zack's Damseleech - Orange/Olive

Fly Fishing Gear:
• Outcast  Fish Cat 9-IR
• Simms  Freestone Stocking-foot Waders
• Patagonia's  Riverwalker Rubber Sole Boot
• Dinsmore Removable Egg Shape Shot
• Fishpond  Swift Current Thermometer

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