Pleasant Surprises on East Lake

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I was pleasantly surprised being at East Lake Wednesday through Sunday how the water temps held up from Dawn to Lunch, and from about 7 PM to Dusk. Mid-day we pulled off the water when the water temps hit 68 and rested the fish and ourselves. 
Ants and Callibaetis were our standouts. 
I found fish eating Callibaetis in all stages so be prepared with nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners. 
if you follow Oregon_Stillwater_Jeff on Instagram you already saw that I am a convert to the new Cortland 3′ Slow Sinking Tip for mimicking ascending nymphs! This line is really cool and I am seeing it get thrown in the mix on all of our lakes more and more for me this season. I can’t wait to try it again. 
Damsel activity is getting hot and the fish are chowing nymphs near the shore, but also leaping in the air to nab an adult hovering over the water. 
There is no doubt on the fact wind is our friend out there. Most importantly now if helps in these deeper lakes to mix that colder, deep water up on to the shoals and keep the areas we love to fish cooler. If there is no wind, there is no mix and that will drive temps up and fish out to the deeper spots. 
During the afternoon, as long as the surface temps stay below 68, use type 3 and type 5 lines to strip callibaetis nymphs, leeches, blobs and soft hackles in. Fish are there, hiding from the suns intense rays, and they are finding optimal temps to feel comfortable and be able to digest their food intake.


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