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Paulina Lake is bigger (than East. 1500 acres vs. 1000 acres) and has less shoal area than East and in my experience stays cooler. As long as the breeze blows we will beat this heat at Paulina this week and have safe water temps to C&R our beloved trout friends. 
Beetles, Ants, Hoppers, Hippie Stompers, Chubby’s, Red Tarantula’s and Parachute Callibaetis and Callibaetis Emergers (Harrops Captive Dun is a favorite) are great dries. Balanced Leeches, Red 2 Bit, Black/Red Double Down, Callibaetis Cate, Chironomids including Hanging with my Chromies & Ice Cream Cones, Scuds and Blobs. Some of these will be under the indicator and you’ll also use sinking lines including Midge Tips, Hover, Intermediate and Type 3 and 5 full sink.


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