There are perfect fly fishing conditions on the Middle Owens River right now

Tom Loe

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Flows have been lowered to 225cfs for the time being and we are enjoying some near epic fishing on our drift boat trips. The streamer fishing has been excellent & the cooler weather has kept the fish on the chew even into the afternoons. The fall sedge caddis are still prevalent; the tiny, but abundant Trico mayflies are also getting the trout looking up in the wild trout section below Pleasant Valley Dam. Flows may go back to 300 plus in the near future, this will only be a temporary inconvenience as they have been up to 350 already this summer. Most aquatic insects are smaller as the last generations emerge, so think about going down a size or two on your nymphs and adult dries this fall. PT's, bird's nest, midges, and caddis larva patterns should be in the #18-22 range. Trico adults are very tiny- #24 is an accurate profile, but a #20 will get you looks in a good hatch. I suggest you use Loebergs, olive Punk Perch, and Spruce-A-Bu's for streamer fishing in conjunction with a moderate sinking tip line. There are oodles of small chubs and sucker fry along the edges in the pillow water.

Pictured Above: Gayle says thumbs up for drifting the Owens currently.
Photo #1: Gayle's hubby Dr. Carl crushed them on his drift. This is one of many the Doc treated.
Photo #2: Carly lifting one into the net with father Bob doing the net honors. Nice one Carly!
Photo #3: Jeff & Brad absolutely punished the fish on their drift. This is one of many doubles.
Photo #4:The rainbows are very active with near perfect fly fish'N conditions on the Middle Owens currently
Photo #5: Jeff with one of the 50 he and Brad caught & released.

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