The fish at Lake Crowley have split from McGee Bay and moved towards the north

Tom Loe

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Big changes to report here. The fish have split from McGee Bay and moved towards the north end concentrating near Layton Springs, Alligator Pt., Six Bays, and Sandy Pt. Depending on the wind direction these areas will hold fish. You need to find the cleanest water on any given day as the algae bloom will shut down a bite. The lake continues to recede, still have another foot to go before it hits the low point from last season. The cooler weather has chironomid (midge) activity on the wane, perch fry & larva patterns are currently the best imitations for still water nymphing. Streamer fishing has also slowed due to the dissipating weed lines & concentrations of perch fry. Full sinks with Loebergs and my "blood sucking Vanderleech" are good calls along the shoreline in Six Bays and Sandy Pt.

Pictured Above: All the way from Idaho, & the head honcho at Lamson/Waterworks- Ryan Harrison with a sizable bow he bested on Lamson Lite Speed reel.
Photo #1: Frank O got a couple really nice rainbows on Crowley with me.
Photo #2: Beautiful fish Frank! Way to go back ta back buddy.
Photo #3: Veteran Drifter Rich "the ripper" Rathcke with one of 60 on his trip with me.
Photo #4: One of my dearest friends and greatest clients POP's-86 years young and still spanking them!
Photo #5: Dan is on the path to financial ruin. He is officially hooked on fly fishing showing off his first ever on the fly. Fun day buddy, hope to see you and Ben soon.
Photo #6: Ben displaying some pretty fine rodsmanship for a first time fly fisher. Keep it up big guy, you shall be the fly for sure!
Photo #7: This picture of Jerry Neve brings such a smile to my face. Way to beat it buddy. May you long be the fly...
Photo #8: Crowley from McGee canyon. Check out the islands protruding lower right corner of picture. Bring on the snow!

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